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To glorify God through providing services in education, construction and spiritual guidance to those in need, both in local communities and disaster areas.

Come serve with us at Mustard Seed Ministries (MSM). We are an action based ministry team bringing volunteers of every skill level to the homes of the brokenhearted. As the founder of MSM, it was Hurricane Katrina that taught me about the overwhelming need for safe and functional homes. Today we believe home repair is a mission for both the restoration of the physical house and the spiritual nourishment of the families we serve in disaster areas and local communities. My wife and I guide teams of volunteers through the home repair and restoration process. We know there is a season for everything. When it is your time to serve, we welcome everything you have to offer in this mission of restoring lives one home at a time.
-Troy, President of MSM

MSM is a non-profit organization connecting volunteers to project areas. We are an independent 501C(3) registered with the State of Michigan and Louisiana. MSM is a Residential Builder Company licensed in the State of Michigan.